Monday, September 15, 2014

Carol's Applique, no Applique

Carol made this beautiful applique quilt, but she admitted that she got tired of appliqueing.  That's where quilting can make a difference.  

Here is the finished quilt, and you can see a few blocks that appear to be blank.

So, this is how I quilted them,

These next few photos show how I treated the border.  I was so happy with this idea of doing one design on one side of the teardrops, and another design on the other side.  And, what made me really happy is as far as I know, I thought of this one myself.  Woo Hoo.  I am highly influenced by other quilters, and use their ideas all the time, and I'm okay with that, but this one I thought of myself.   It may be out there somewhere, but I haven't seen it, so that counts for me.

The batting is a high loft polyester (from Joann's) and it shows the texture and definition of the quilting so well.

I tried to keep the quilting in the blocks simple, and basically let them speak for themselves.  Between the design of the blocks and the high loft batting, SID did the trick for most of them.

This quilt was fun, challenging, and I think a great success.  

Thanks for joining me, I appreciate it.


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Other things

I have made a few non quilt things lately, and it was fun sewing and stitching something else.  The first is a Bionic Gear Bag, a pattern I bought off of Craftsy.   There is another similar type bag available, and apparently (most certainly) there is disagreement between the two designers.  Well, ignorance is bliss, and when I purchased my pattern I had no knowledge about this.  Either way, I made the Bionic Gear Bag, and I think it is genius.  There are pockets, zippers, and it is just fun.

I have a friend headed to a quilt retreat and I think this will be something she can use.

I also made a needle case.  I'm not sure why I thought I needed this, maybe because my needles are all in a metal box and I dig through every time I need a new one.  And the needles that I am using, I never have any memory of what size they are, so hopefully this will help,

 There are several pages and sections to sort your various hand and machine needles, and a two plastic pockets to hold various items.

And, I really did need some pincushions, so I made a little wool pincushion, and I even tried a little embroidery on it.  Not something to brag about, but I do like it.

I enjoyed making these projects, maybe it was their usefulness, or just making a project that I could start and finish in a reasonable time was rewarding. 

Thanks for joining me, I appreciate your company.


Sunday, September 7, 2014

Dear Jane continues

I have spent a lot of time making a lot of these Dear Jane blocks.  I think I have made about half of them now.  I was so focused and a bit obsessed with these for a few months, and then I really wanted and needed to work on other projects.  I do love the challenge each of these blocks brings, but seriously now I just want to get it finished.  There is still a lot left before I can see the light at the end of this long Jane tunnel, but I am moving forward. 

Thank you for joining me on my various journeys.  I appreciate it.


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Maureen's' Funky Flowers

This little stripped piece baby quilt was Maureen's very first quilt!  Since it was going to a new baby girl, I put some "funky flowers" on it.  

This is the quilt before quilting.

These flowers were so much fun to stitch, all freehand and funky.  I tried to make the flowers all different, but some of my favorites were repeated.  

I did get a lot of my ideas and inspiration from Lori Kennedy.  She has such great tutorials and I have learned much from her blog.

  Thanks for joining me, and here's to hoping September is a better blogging month.


Monday, August 4, 2014

Teri's modern quilt

This was a fun quilt to work on.  So without any explanation here are some close ups of the quilting.

Thanks for looking, I appreciate it.


Thursday, July 31, 2014

Sun Bonnet Sue

It was a treat just to see this antique Sun Bonnet Sue, and then to get to quilt it, well that was a real privilege.

Aren't they just adorable?  And these blocks are the real deal, truly hand stitched with flour sack fabrics.

The discoloring you see here is the printing on the flour sacks.  You can also see the detail of the hand stitching, and the work put into each block.

I did a large cross hatch in each block.  I wanted to keep the quilting simple, yet showcase the Sues.

I added a little detail in the border, and a simple loop in the sashing.

This quilt is so full of history, love and memories.  What a treasure.  I am so happy I was able to be a part of finishing it.  Thank you Lucille.

Thanks to all of you for joining me, I appreciate your company.


Saturday, July 26, 2014

A bittersweet farewell to my "Perfect Little Trailer"

It is with mixed emotions that I say farewell to one of my most favorite things I've ever owned.  I have always called this little Casita, my "Perfect Little Trailer" and it truly lived up to that name.  You know how it is when you want something so badly and you wait, and save, and research and all that smart buyer stuff, and you finally get what you really wanted, and it is just as good or sometimes even better than you hoped?  Well that is what this little trailer was to me.  It was for me, perfect.  So why the goodbye now?  Simply, I no longer am using it.  I used to be very active in dog agility, traveling and competing most weekends a year, and this little trailer was my home away from home.  Now, I no longer compete in agility, no longer travel on the weekends, and my little trailer deserved a new home.  So, it is my sincere wish that the new owners will be just as happy with it as I was.