Sunday, October 7, 2012

Designs on denim

 I posted a while back about these denim picnic quilts that my son made.  He stitched an edge to edge on two of them, and I had way too much fun with the other two.
 I doodled, and stitched a variety of designs in all the different blocks.
 I love the diamonds with the pebbling.
 A little bit of everything.
 Lots of wiggly lines, which I really like.  

One new idea I tried with these two quilts, was to load them together on one backing.  In the picture above you can see the space between them.  This worked really well, saving time and backing.  

  Sometimes I have a design in mind, but can't quite visualize it stitched up.  This was a great exercise and allowed me to work out some new ideas, and practice some old ones.  I love the wiggly lines, they were fast, fun, and I love the texture they create.  

Thanks for reading, I appreciate it.


  1. Fantastic!! I am busy quilting a "modern" quilt just now. I am having fun with lots of different designs.



  2. I too love pebbles around the diamonds. I also really like the semi-circle fans and the one above it with the alternating directions of the curve. I'm so glad you're having fun!

  3. Best denim quilt on the planet for sure!! I love what you did.

  4. That is a very cool denim quilt! What thread and needle size did you use? If I ever decide to make another demon quilt. Thanks,

  5. Wow I've seen a lot of Denim quilts but they have never been quilted like this. Amazing!