Sunday, April 13, 2014

Other than quilting

Lots of other than quilting things have been happening here.

Ethan turned four and I made him a train cake.  We called it the candy express.

About a month later Micah turned three.  She asked for a raining yellow hearts cake.

We have 17 new baby chicks

Getting a good photo was difficult.  These little guys can move fast, and hide even faster.
This hen hatched out a communal nest.  There is such an assortment of colors here.

And a couple of new dresses for Holly and Micah.  Spring has definitely arrived here in Northern CA

Thanks for joining me in our celebrations and little bits of joy all around.  I appreciate the company



  1. It looks like you are having so much fun!

  2. Those cakes and adorable! So are the kiddos!

  3. Too much fun going on at your house! Love the cakes, what a kick and so creative! The girls dresses are very cute :0)

  4. Wonderful cakes for beautiful children! Is there a story behind Micah's cake? They are growing up so fast! Love the fabric in the dresses -- too cute!