Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Debi's Bear Paw

Here are some pictures of the quilting I did on Debi's Bear Paw quilt.

Here is the quilt before quilting so you can see the layout.

Large feathers went around the outer border, and the first border had some dot to dot.

I used some straight lines within the center sections,

I divided the background space with a check border, and more feathers arching around the corners.

And in my hast to get this off the rails, and another loaded, I did not get a photo of the entire quilt finished, but I think you can get an idea.

I am finding my New Year's balance, keeping up with my sewing goals and resolutions.  I have not bought fabric for over thirty three days!!!!!  And........I have made my bed every day in 2014.  Simple as the bed making goal is, it is huge for me.  It sets my whole day off in the right direction, and it was a habit that I was very negligent in, so I am quite pleased.
I am also trying not so much to slow down, but to pace myself at my own pace.  As silly as it sounds, this blog is one of my most stressful things on my schedule lately.  I know it is all me, there are no blog police, it is all for fun, but nonetheless I put pressure on myself related to my blog.  So, if I am sporadic, or infrequent, that's just where I am currently.   Thanks for sticking with me, I do appreciate it.