Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mariners in a Pickle

This is one of my personal quilts that I pieced and machine quilted.   It was a multi year project because I found that I really had to be in the right mood to deal with all the paper piecing.  Most of the time it was an enjoyable project, but like so many of the things I do, it was just so big.
Just off the quilt frame, still need to trim the batting and bound the edges .
This is called Mariners in a Pickle, and  was in an issue of Fons and Porter quilting magazine, September/October 2008.   When I finally finished this quilt, I was absolutely positive I wouldn't make it again, and in one of my rare purging and cleaning episodes, I got rid of the magazine.  Maybe it is a good thing that you can't check it out because you would find out how very unoriginal my color choices were.  I deliberately copied  the colors that were in the quilt in the magazine. It looked good to me, and at the time these colors were way out of my comfort zone.  Now, these colors seem to be what I am drawn to
This quilt is 112" x 112"  I had to put my bed on risers so it won't drag on the floor.  It is the largest, and most difficult quilt I have ever made.
Close up of quilting

I am still working on the grey and yellow curved nine patch, hoping to finish it soon.  Saturday morning  I will be a judge for the 4H Fashion Review.  After that I am planning on working on the grey and yellow and maybe, finish the quilting.  I am ready to be done with it.


  1. That is a beautiful quilt and I totally understand why it was a multi-year project. That's a lot of paper piecing! Must feel great to finally have it quilted :)

  2. That's so beautiful!! That does look big and it looks like you did some intense quilting on know were all anxiously waiting for you to finish that...what's it called, Oh ya...the Urban Nine Patch quilt.:o) Thanks for sharing this beautiful quilt!

  3. Wow that is aHUGE quilt. What a mission. You must be so pleased to be finished!

  4. Beautiful work. I'm in love. So in love that I searched for the copy of the magazine -- it was in the September/October 2008 issue. I bought a digital back issue of the issue on the F&P website and now this quilt is on my todo list for sure!

    1. Hi Jen, thanks for the info on the date, I edited my original post. I really had to do some searching through old calendars, receipts and such to find some info when I started this project. I was mixed up for sure. Glad you found the issue, and I hope you have fun making it.

  5. This has to be my favourite quilt of all time. You made an absolutely phenomenal quilt!