Monday, April 21, 2014

Mary's Quilt

This quilt is now on my favorites list.  Mary did such a nice job piecing, and pressing (so appreciated by a longarmer) this BOM.  This quilt had it all, assorted blocks, big wide border, negative space,  and lots of room for creative quilting.  I used one layer of Quilter's Dream Wool batting, and Glide thread on the top.

In the border I stitched a big feather all the way around.  The feather spine got its shape because of the crosshatched blocks that also went all around the quilt.

Each block has different stitching

I stitched a replica of some of the quilt blocks in the negative space.  I was very influenced by the work of
Judi the Green Fairy, when I was working on these blocks.

Crosshatching and feathers go so well together.

And lastly, the center stars.

And another look at the whole quilt.  You cannot see all the quilting and texture in this photo, but it definitely shows the beautiful layout of Mary's quilt.  Thank you Mary, I loved working on your quilt.

Thanks for reading, I appreciate your company.


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Other than quilting

Lots of other than quilting things have been happening here.

Ethan turned four and I made him a train cake.  We called it the candy express.

About a month later Micah turned three.  She asked for a raining yellow hearts cake.

We have 17 new baby chicks

Getting a good photo was difficult.  These little guys can move fast, and hide even faster.
This hen hatched out a communal nest.  There is such an assortment of colors here.

And a couple of new dresses for Holly and Micah.  Spring has definitely arrived here in Northern CA

Thanks for joining me in our celebrations and little bits of joy all around.  I appreciate the company


Monday, April 7, 2014

Central Washington Applique

This beautiful batik applique quilt made by Robbie, shows various scenes throughout central Washington.  I quilted the blocks in a variety of stitches to accent  the applique.

The top of the quilt started with mountains, which I stitched with a rugged zig zag.  I put gently curves in the sky portion.  I was thinking of cool mountain air.

Border and shashing treatments

Birds on a branch before,

Birds on a branch after.

Washington Wildflowers

I love this fish!

And finally the horses. 

I really enjoyed the variety of scenes, which led to a variety of quilting ideas. 

Thanks for reading, I appreciate your company.


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

No Fooling, a baby quilt

This cute baby quilt started with a panel,

The family has strong Celtic roots, so a Celtic quilting theme was requested.

In alternating blocks I stitched this heart knot, and the alphabet blocks each had individual treatment.  Where are the pictures of those blocks you ask?  Sadly, I don't know.  Thought I took some, but can't find them.

And this is the border, Celtic interlocking hearts.  
I always love Prairie Points on a quilt, and these added that special touch to this baby quilt.

This quilt was a fun challenge coming up with the Celtic designs, and knowing the family roots, this quilt has some very special meaning stitched into each layer.

Thanks for reading,