Sunday, August 4, 2013

Karen's quilt for Susan

My friend Karen made the most special quilt for our mutual friend Susan.  Karen and Susan are both special education teachers.  Susan retired this year after a lifetime of dedication to these special students.

There are so many memories in this quilt including photos and reproduced student art work.  There is a fun and loving aspect to this piece, and I so enjoyed quilting it.

I used variegated thread, and the design of the fabric for the background quilting.

I also used metallic thread and  love the sparkle it adds.  I didn't want to quit over the photos, so I just highlighted the sashing around them.

Here are several more photos, not so much of the quilting, but more to show off the art work created by the students.  

I love all the Halloween costumes on all the children in this drawing

 (sorry it is upside down)

This is the center block

Working on this quilt made me happy in many ways.  Thank you to Karen for asking me to quilt it.

Thanks for reading,  Esther


  1. What a treasure! And how perfectly the quilting complements the quilt. I can't imagine a more wonderful gift for a teacher!

  2. Love the choices you made for this quilt! It's gorgeous, You and Karen created a very special quilt. Those swirls are looking' pretty darn good! Well done!

  3. what a wonderful quilt, and how lucky you got to be part of the giving too