Saturday, April 6, 2013

Slow start

I have been struggling a bit with the quilting on my Storm at Sea, but finally think I have things figured out.  When I load a quilt, I need a plan.  That is just how I work.  I read other bloggers who just start quilting, and get inspired and figure things out as they go, and I just can't imagine.  I would love to do that.  But what happens when your plan doesn't work, or you change your mind?

I started with SID work, so no decisions there.  Then I started working on the brown diamond shapes.  I had this design figured out early on, so was looking forward to stitching it.

Well, I like it, but not really.  Or not really for this quilt, or not enough to do so very many of them like this.  But, I really didn't want to pick out the ones I had already done.  So, on to plan B, which I didn't have, but was working out on the fly.  The diamonds I had already stitched were all along one outside edge.  So, I could leave those as they are, and change the other diamonds.  As long as I remember to stitch all the outside diamonds alike, I think it will all work together well.  Here is my new diamond design.

I felt I needed to keep it similar, with the curved lines and general feel, but I like this one better.  I am thinking of the pearls, or pebbles, as bubbles.  Like under the sea, bubbles, and I am putting more bubbles in other areas of the quilt, so I think I am happy now.  After several days of trying to get started, I now feel like I have actually started, if you know what I mean.   Hopefully, things will go smoothly from now on.

And, again with the running.  Each week is a new challenge, but since there are times I repeat a week, I am now referring to the different challenges as levels.  Anyway, I moved up to level three.  I think I will stay here a week longer.  All in all it is going well, and I think I am improving.  Thanks to all of your encoutagement, it really helps.



  1. When I saw the photo of your first design I liked it and thought boy that will be alot of work. then I saw the next design and I love it. The bubbles look perfect for a storm at sea quilt. Can'wait to see your finished quilt.

  2. Oh, I love them all! I can't wait to see them all finished.

  3. Both designs look fabulous, .... can't wait to see the finished result.

  4. Oh my gosh, I want to make one just like yours and quilt it exactly as you are. I love both designs, but I can see the first one without the pebbles taking sooooo much time.

  5. I some how missed this post! Found it today. I like your second design too. Not that the other one isnt beautiful to. I can relate with you on picking a design. If I am doing other than over all it takes me awhile to settle on something. As long as you are happy with what you quilt. That is the main thing.

  6. Just got back from MQX in New Hampshire. took a class with Dawn Cavanaugh and Linda Taylor. sooo many designs in my head now! love the second one. printing a picture for my inspiration book. have not done much running as I was in New Orleans and then NH. Picked up a cold somewhere which has me down. Hope to get back on the treadmill for a run on Wednesday. Glad to hear you are sticking with it! Take your time and repeat til you feel comfortable.