Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Antique Quilt Quilted

You may remember this challenging project that I have been working on, and I am glad to say that it is almost finished.  This has been a pull your hair out joyful and rewarding project to work on.  I posted my recreation plan here if you are interested.

This DWR quilt came to me in pieces, and seeing it all together makes me very pleased.  Here is how I quilted this one.

Some of the blocks had some extra fullness that I needed to contain with my quilting.  I chose a meandering feather and Cathedral  Windows.  Both of these worked well to handle the fullness.

I did SID in all the curved shapes, and at the intersection of the rings I did a simple continuous curve design.

In the blocks I alternated between the meandering feather and the Cathedral Windows.

A shot of the back

I am so very satisfied that I was able to restore and salvage this family treasure, it was worth every painstaking stitch and frustration.  There is such a history, and a connection to the other quilter that I felt while working on this piece.  I am honored that I was a part of this project.  Now all that is left is the binding around all those curves.  

Thanks for joining me through this challenge, I appreciate the company and support.



  1. Wow! Love the texture affect with the shading on the cathedral window quilting, alternating the designs and the back really shows off your quilting. Beautiful job of re piecing and recreating this beauty. You brought it back to life :0)

  2. That is fantastic work. What a thrill to se the end result. You must be so pleased.

  3. Amazing work. You did a great job. Future generations will be in awe.

  4. It is beautiful!! So glad you stayed with it. Mine has a lot of the same elements, so I hope it looks as good as yours.

  5. Beautiful quilt and quilting! Love those little cathedral windows. Did you mark a grid first? I need to try that. Thanks for sharing and the inspiration.

  6. Congratulations! Really love how you've tamed the fullness successfully. And wow - that's a lot of SID! I can't think about that much, as it'll be time in a couple of months to start quilting my own DWR (king size monster!!!) on my tabletop machine. . . Any tips?

  7. So gorgeous! What a beautiful job you've done!