Tuesday, April 1, 2014

No Fooling, a baby quilt

This cute baby quilt started with a panel,

The family has strong Celtic roots, so a Celtic quilting theme was requested.

In alternating blocks I stitched this heart knot, and the alphabet blocks each had individual treatment.  Where are the pictures of those blocks you ask?  Sadly, I don't know.  Thought I took some, but can't find them.

And this is the border, Celtic interlocking hearts.  
I always love Prairie Points on a quilt, and these added that special touch to this baby quilt.

This quilt was a fun challenge coming up with the Celtic designs, and knowing the family roots, this quilt has some very special meaning stitched into each layer.

Thanks for reading, 



  1. Love your quiltiing - especially the celtic heart border!

  2. nice to see you popping up again. I love your celtic hearts. Too clever

  3. I love it! I saw this quilt in person and I thought it was wonderful. Now I can spend more time with the pictures. Great Job!

  4. Love how the Celtic heart border is spaced with the prairie points, very clever! I can appreciate more than ever what a talented longarm quilter you are. Looking forward to dinner and guild tomorrow :0)

  5. Lovely! I really like the Celtic hearts & the old-fashioned look of the quilt.

  6. Really very nice! Love the designs!! That is one lucky baby!

  7. I really love the celtic designs. Nicely done.