Monday, June 8, 2015

Andrea's first quilt

This was the first quilt I quilted for Andrea, and I think she told me it was her first quilt she made.  This quilt was here in my studio a long time ago, and I'm not sure why I never blogged about it before.  Anyway, Andrea is an amazing piecer, quilter and color coordinator.  Here is her quilt, and I don't remember what she named it.  I named it Amazing.

This quilt was big, and Andrea's original design,  

I always like a "before quilting" shot

As you can see, I did a different design in each color section.

Please notice how the pieces were all fussy cut!

And finally the center star burst. Notice the fussy cutting here too.  Amazing.

My thanks to Andrea for trusting her quilting to me, and for giving me such amazing quilts to work on.



  1. Absolutely gorgeous. This shows what marvelous quilting can do!

  2. you made a pretty quilt become gorgeous

  3. What a difference the quilting makes, it takes it to a whole new level. Just gorgeous!

  4. beautiful quilt and quilting is out of this world

  5. Just stunning!! My goal is to be that good!!

  6. I agree with pet painter, your work is stunning. Are you still quilting? You need to start blogging again!