Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I'm going to use this.

Primrose, my treadle machine
I have had this wonderful treadle machine for over thirty years, and I think it is time I used it.  I cleaned it up, oil for the machine, conditioner for the wood cabinet, and tried her out.  I fiddled with the tension a bit, but I think the main reason for improved stitches was I replaced the old thread already on the bobbins and now the stitches are beautiful.  After some practice, I feel pretty comfortable with the foot pedal and want to try making a quilt with my new, old machine.

I tend to name everything I have, so I would like to introduce Primrose to you.  Yes, straight from the Hunger Games, that's where I got the name.  I may have had the machine for thirty years, but until I got to know her, I didn't think of a name for her.

I appreciate you visiting,



  1. Oh , Promrose is so pretty!!! I learnt to sew on a treadle. You will really enjoy this.

  2. What a beautiful machine! I have my Grandmother's treadle but I haven't use it in years. It's nice to know that if the power ever went out it wouldn't keep us from being creative.

  3. Beautiful name for a beautiful machine! Wishing you great enjoyment using her for your projects!