Monday, September 10, 2012

Birthday blessings

Saturday was my birthday, and I am not shy about stating that I am 57 years old, and life is good.  I had a great day.  A three hour lunch with my sister.  Now that's a lunch.  We had a relaxing time talking, and talking, and some eating.  It was such a treat.  Then, my daughter hosted a dinner to continue the celebration.  Family, friends, and my grand babies.  It was a great evening.

And, there were gifts.  I frequently I tell my husband he doesn't listen, but he proved my wrong.  I guess he really does listen after all.  He totally surprised me with this little gem.

I have a "new" featherweight, and I am so excited about her.  I have been actively looking for one for quite some time, but never saw just the right one.  Well, Steve talked to some friends and did some searching on his own, and now I have this little beauty.  She came with all the parts and accessories, all in great condition, and she sews like a featherweight, which is beautifully.  Thank you Steve.

And look at this, quilting socks.  How fun are these?  I had no idea there even were quilting socks, but I love them.  These were a gift from my friend who came to visit this weekend.  I met her through dog events, and now we share our love of quilting (and dogs too of course)

My bounty continued with coffee, coffee, dinner, shopping, and more coffee.  My friends and family know how to make me very happy. My birthday seemed to last all weekend, and who's to complain about that?  I felt the love, and know that I am a lucky gal.

Thanks for sharing my celebration, I appreciate it.


  1. Happy B Day! Glad your day was amazing!

  2. Happy belated birthday. What lovely presents. Sounds like your friends and family know you!

  3. Thanks for the wonderful visit, and being able to share your birthday!

  4. Happy belated Birthday! It looked like you had a great day!