Monday, December 3, 2012

Zeb's Stocking

I finished my sequined project, it is a stocking for baby Zeb.  

My Nanny made sequined stockings for our entire family.  We had seven children, there were seven cousins,  assorted Aunts, Uncles and others, and we all had sequined stockings.  For many years I thought that everyone, everywhere had stockings like this.  When I married I made a stocking for Steve, and have made one for each addition to our family.  Today I finished and present Zeb's stocking.

I used my stocking as the model and pattern, but some things are updated.
Larry the cucumber from Veggie Tales, Emily's favorite

This is the stocking my Nanny made for me.  The sequins are not as bright, but the sentiment and memories are still strong as they were when I was a child.  Thank you Nanny.
He needs his own stocking holder, but Zeb's stocking now hangs with the rest of his family.  They just make me so happy.  I am so excited for my children to have Christmas with their children and share the joy and meaning of all things Christmas.
Thanks for sharing my stocking journey and starting Zeb's journey.  I appreciate it.



  1. Oh, Esther! It is absolutely adorable, as is Zeb!

  2. It's beautiful, and thank you for explaining Larry the cucumber! The cardinal is wonderful, and I really like the manager scene but I think the christmas lights are my favorite! Happy first Christmas, Zebulun! You have a very special grandma.

  3. It was great being at the second annual Zebs
    teacher's conference. I (Jon) was joined by my Dad and two ZEBS teachers