Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Star Quilt finished and gifted

 The Star Quilt is finished, and I can say that I loved everything about this quilt.  I loved making stars from a Jelly Roll, something I learned from a class.  I loved the fabric, Morris Apprentice from Moda, and I loved how I quilted it.  I think the underlying joy in this quilt was knowing that it was being made for someone special.
 Kristen is one of Ethan's teachers, and she has worked with him daily for the last year.  My daughter and I wanted to give her a thank you gift, so we thought a quilt a great idea.
Her dedication to her job and to Ethan goes above and beyond.  Kristen was a gift to Ethan and all of us who love him.
 Here she is reading the label of her quilt.
I think she looks good with her new quilt.  
And here is Kristen playing "where is Ethan?" in the new quilt.

Thank you Kristen, and to all of you sharing this journey with me.  I appreciate it.



  1. It is such a special quilt. Turned out beautifully. Thank you, Mom.

  2. Absolutely lovely .... what a truly special gift for someone who brought joy into into your family!

  3. I have been reminiscing on my time with Ethan and finally found your blog Esther. I thank you so much for this quilt, a memento that I will treasure forever.
    My days working with your family were some of the most lovely, memorable days. I hope that you can all find some peace and strength in this time.