Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I'm running out of thread

While stitching along on this Storm at Sea, I realize that I am going to run out of brown thread.   I gather all my other brown threads, and of course none of them matches exactly, some are not even close, and one is almost a match.  But, how to incorporate the new brown into a quilt that was started with another brown? The area of most concern to me was the closely stitched border, where a color change would be most noticeable.

I knew I couldn't change thread colors along the border, so decided to blend in the color change around the corner.  

Sorry for the bad lighting here, but what I want to show you is how I left gaps between the stitching around the corner, and then I filled in those gaps with the new thread color, and I think it worked.

Ignore the chalk lines, and I don't think you can really tell the new color from the original color. 

Thank you all for the positive comments on my progress report. I really appreciate them.  Here is a funny story about that post.  I wrote it up on Saturday afternoon, and thought I posted it then.  When I came back later that weekend, I checked, because really, don't we all like to see if there are any comments?  There were none.  Well, okay, so no one left a comment, or read my post, maybe no one reads on the weekends.  Well Monday came, and still no comments, not even from my "regulars"  I know I had been very lax in my blogging, and was starting to think maybe you all got tired of waiting for me.  I did some more checking, and it turns out I didn't  publish the post, I just saved it.  When I actually did post it, you were all so generous with your comments and compliments, it made my day.  Thank you.



  1. Love this quilt Esther! It is a beauty and can't wait to see it all done!! Xo Pam

  2. Your thread blending worked well! I can't wait to see the finished quilt!

  3. I cant tell there was a colour change. Sure hope i remember that little tip when i need it!

  4. Can not tell where the color change is! don't you hate that! I have one I am going to start and have a variegated that I know I don't have enuf of to do the whole quilt and superior doesn't make it anymore. so I am doing some thinkin' on it to see where to use it and where to substitute. It will require a thread change but I really want to use the variegated.

    about your posting, I have done that! we didn't forget about you !

  5. What a great idea for the transition to another color thread. Can't wait to see the finished quilt!

  6. adore your quilting on this. What a great way to transition the thread colours