Thursday, May 30, 2013


I quilted this quilt for Pam, the Library Gal,.  It was a really fun quilt to do.

There were so many unique fabrics in this quilt that all worked so well together.

In all the melon shapes I did simple swirls,

I did a modified feather motif in this shape.

The border was a simple yet effective wavy line.

This was a fun quilt to work on, thank you Pam for asking me to work on it for you.

Thanks for reading, I appreciate your company and your comments.



  1. that is beautiful! Loved the modified feather motif!

  2. Esther I love my quilt thanks to you! It is just what I had hoped for and I appreciate your wonderful talents!! xo Pam

  3. Lovely quilt! You did a great job enhancing the quilt with quilting- I think you got just the right balance. Wonderful work!

  4. Great quilt. The feathers go nicely in that spot.

  5. You do beautiful quilting! (I'm now following you with Bloglovin. Thought I'd let you know since unlike Google Friend Connect, Bloglovin doesn't let us see who our followers are.)