Thursday, July 18, 2013

Susie's Whack a Roo Quilt

Here is Susie's quilt, called Whack a Roo.  

I wanted to emphasis the off set blocks, and not take away from the center squares.



Excuse the blurry shot, but you can see how I used the design in the fabric for the quilting.  I like this technique because the quilting does not interfere with the print of the fabric.

This quilt was pieced so well.  Good piecing expands the possibilities for quilting choices, especially when doing ruler work.  Straight lines on crocked piecing is not a good combination.  So, thank you Susie.

Another heat wave headed our way this weekend, I am headed to the Oregon Coast.  Happy Face!

Thanks for joining me on my quilting journeys, I appreciate it.



  1. You did an excellent job making those blocks look wonky!
    I love that border fabric and how you have done the quilting. Great idea!
    Enjoy Oregon!

  2. Beautful ruler work. I really like the echo quilting you did inthe boarder, lovely.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  3. Great job, I like the straight lines in the blocks , it really creates a nice frame for the blocks. And the echo quilting is perfect for the border.

    See you on the coast!

  4. so Awesome! I like quilting around flowers when I get a chance. Good practice following a line. Summer is flying by eh!