Monday, July 1, 2013

Loving that Laminate

I have wanted to make something out of laminated fabrics for quite a while, so I got busy and made a bunch of aprons for all my little cooks.

These aprons are quite basic, I just enlarged a bib pattern.  Instead of ties, there is velcro on the neck closing because I thought that would be easier to fasten.  A simple ruffle on the girls aprons and ta-da, an apron.

I also used this tutorial and made some trash bags for the car.

If you have thought about laminate fabric and are hesitant to use it, I say with enthusiasm to try it out.  I found it quite easy to work with, and it is so darn cute.

You may (or maybe not) be wondering why my little cooks didn't model their new aprons, and that is because they all had the good sense to get out of the heat and head for the coast.  We are no strangers to heat this time of year, but it just wouldn't be summer if we didn't comment on it.

Seriously, 7:05 in the evening and it's 108*

Here's wishing you weather you enjoy.



  1. Too cute! I love the ruffles on the girl's aprons!

    108* is crazy hot. Stay inside & keep cool!

  2. Great aprons! Stay cool! Just starting to get warmer here in NS.

  3. Great aprons! I just had a smack myself upside the head moment. Laminate for kids aprons, Brilliant!

  4. I just discovered your blog and am enjoying reading back some older posts (new to me!)! Have you ever tried the iron on vinyl? It always sounded like an oxymoron to me...but you can make laminate out of fabric you love and not have to search to find one. I made travel cosmetic bags for my DD out of NYC subway fabric. I messed up the 1st one and its LONG and skinny..she uses it for her curling iron (cooled off of course). 2nd one was better..and loved using the fabric I wanted!