Saturday, August 24, 2013

Bargain Batting

I wanted to write a note about so called bargain batting.  It isn't always the bargain you may think it is.

This is cotton batting from a package.  I want to highlight the creases and folds. Cotton batting especially holds it's folds, and  these really are more trouble than you may think they are.  I let this batting "breath" overnight, and the creases did not relax.  So, while  I am all for bargains, coupons and buying on sale, not all sales are the bargains you want them to be.

Okay, enough of that, I have been quilting.
I have been working on this Flower Pot quilt for what seems like forever, and I am almost finished.
It is so rewarding when the sashing at the end of the quilt is nice and straight.  I love that.

And for some piecing fun, I started this Flower Girl quilt, and here is my first block.  This will be for little Holly when she gets her room make over.

Thanks for joining me, and my next post will have actual quilting photos.



  1. Yep! Another are the poly bats from the store that starts with a J... not only folds, it is paper thin. NOT a bargain even with a 50% coupon!!!

    Love what you have so far on the quilt on your frame. Can't wait to see what you quilted in those triangles :0) Your work is gorgeous! Fun block and fabrics for Holly.

    Where has this month gone to?! We have to get together soon!

  2. Love the flower basket quilt. Can't wait to see how you quilt it.