Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Thanks to my Craftsy class "Garden Fresh" I was successful at growing my own tomatoes.  

If you have only looked at the quilting classes on Craftsy, I encourage you to look further, there are so many great classes.  I am not affiliated with Craftsy, just addicted.  
I also did well with fresh herbs, basil, sage, mint, cilantro and parsley.  It was so rewarding to finally do well with gardening, because it does not come to me naturally.
With school starting, my Tuesdays with Ethan and Holly are back.  Today we started with tomatoes and then made cookies.
And, just to keep things random, here is my Sunshine hen.  You may remember her from this post.
Well, she is broody again, and this time she looks to have many, many eggs under her.  Too many I think, but I am going to leave her be and let her do her own chickie thing.  I am actually really surprised that she is going through all this again, but I am really pleased because we have had a run of bad luck with our hens.  I don't know what has been getting them, but I have lost most of my flock.  We live out in the country, and  they are for the most part fee roam chickens.  
And since I started with Craftsy, I will end with another Craftsy picture.  This is my needle turn applique project from"Big Techniques from Small Scraps".  I have loved this class, and this project is just one of the ideas she teaches. 

Life has been good and busy, saying good bye to summer and getting back on somewhat of a schedule.  Thanks for reading, I appreciate your company.



  1. Love the fabric on the flower pot applique project! Great colors. The kids look ever so happy spending Tuesdays with you. Good crop of tomatoes, you done good!

  2. Fun stuff! So sorry to hear about the chickens. Amy loved the gardening class too.