Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Kelsey's Tee Shirt Quilt

This is a different twist on a tee shirt quilt.  I did most of the assembly and stitching of the entire quilt as well at the quilting on the longarm.  I will do my best to explain.  And I apologize in advance that I have very few photos.  Not sure what happened, because I know I took more, I know I saw that I took more, and yet they are not to be found.  Oh well, back to the quilt.


Here it is in all its sideways splendor.  Couldn't fix that either.  But, what I want to show you, and I hope you can see is that the gold background is all one piece of fabric.
I cut the logos out of the shirts, and put a narrow border of fabric around each.  Then I spread the gold fabric out and arranged the shirt blocks over the surface.  I marked corners for each and made note of which block went where.  Then I loaded the gold fabric on the longarm and started construction.  I stitched each block onto the backing, SID around the border of the blocks, and then used  ribbon to cover the raw edge.  I used a squiggly line to stitch the ribbon down.

The school mascot is the Railroaders, so a train theme was totally "on board"  haha.  A large quilt was requested, but that left a lot of empty space that I filled in with rail road track.  This too I did on the longarm.  I had the path marked, and lay narrow ribbon down for the outer rails, stitched that down, and then came back and stitched the ties between the rails down,   It was fun and relatively easy to use the longarm for the construction process.

I must say though that the part I enjoyed the most was the filler background.  Oh the joy of crossing lines.  It was so freeing, fun and I love the way it turned out.

Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate your company.



  1. You are sew creative! This is a great idea and a super fun quilt!

  2. Looks fantastic. It is a great idea.

  3. Aren't you clever! love this idea! thanks for sharing. Sue

  4. Love what she did for the construction - and perfect quilting for it

  5. So very cute! Love the way you incorporated the railroad theme!

  6. I love it! The ribbon adds some shine.

  7. This gives me an idea for how to complete a UFO I've had around for years. Thank you for sharing your ingenious idea!