Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Andrea's Starburst

First off, my apologizes to Andrea who has a much better name for this quilt, I saw the label and everything, but am drawing a total blank right now.  I always give a "nick name" of sorts to the quilts I am working on, and I named this one Andrea's Giant Starburst.

Isn't this beautiful?  I love the bright colors, and dramatic design.  Now get this, Andrea is a relatively new quilter.  She designs her own works, her points are perfect, her vertical and horizontal lines are spot on, in a few words, her work is amazing.

These yellow star points were gigantic.  

I used the divide and design method for these large points.

And to top it all off, Andrea made me a loaf of bread!  It was wonderful, yummy, and I loved it.  Thank you so much Andrea.
Not the best photo, but the bread was delicious!!

Again, I thank you all for sticking with me and my lousy blogging.  Summer has been good. 



  1. Esther I love all of your design choices! Those giant yellow spaces would have been very intimidating, but I love the way you divided them. Just stunning!

  2. Wow! You made this quilt a masterpiece!
    Divide and conquer, I'm going to try to remember that trick.

  3. Gosh I bet Andrea was blown away when she saw that! amazing quilt pattern! Love your divide and conquer.
    Glad you're enjoying summer, we are in the grip of our winter now.

  4. Your quilting is amazing! I am a new long armer and I always love seeing the designs experienced LA's use. Thanks for sharing your great work.

  5. Wow is right! Love the diamonds and how you mix straight lines with curves. Divide and conquer is the perfect solution! What a treat for Andrea, especially for a new quilter, she is amazing as well!

  6. OMG that is gorgeous! She is seriously talented. I can't believe that she is a new quilter.

  7. You are amazing and you inspire me.

  8. You are truly an artist, Esther! Your quilting has elevated this quilt to another level. And I love the diamond sunbursts!

  9. Amazing quilt. A beginner, not! (says the girl with "Newbie" still in her name).

    And I love the quilting you chose, especially in the large yellow points. Just lovely, as always!