Saturday, July 26, 2014

A bittersweet farewell to my "Perfect Little Trailer"

It is with mixed emotions that I say farewell to one of my most favorite things I've ever owned.  I have always called this little Casita, my "Perfect Little Trailer" and it truly lived up to that name.  You know how it is when you want something so badly and you wait, and save, and research and all that smart buyer stuff, and you finally get what you really wanted, and it is just as good or sometimes even better than you hoped?  Well that is what this little trailer was to me.  It was for me, perfect.  So why the goodbye now?  Simply, I no longer am using it.  I used to be very active in dog agility, traveling and competing most weekends a year, and this little trailer was my home away from home.  Now, I no longer compete in agility, no longer travel on the weekends, and my little trailer deserved a new home.  So, it is my sincere wish that the new owners will be just as happy with it as I was.



  1. Ahhh, what a cute trailer! Good memories will keep being made!

  2. Oh that is so sad for you but the memories will always be with you.

  3. I'm sure your Casita, will be perfect for anyone.


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