Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Other things

I have made a few non quilt things lately, and it was fun sewing and stitching something else.  The first is a Bionic Gear Bag, a pattern I bought off of Craftsy.   There is another similar type bag available, and apparently (most certainly) there is disagreement between the two designers.  Well, ignorance is bliss, and when I purchased my pattern I had no knowledge about this.  Either way, I made the Bionic Gear Bag, and I think it is genius.  There are pockets, zippers, and it is just fun.

I have a friend headed to a quilt retreat and I think this will be something she can use.

I also made a needle case.  I'm not sure why I thought I needed this, maybe because my needles are all in a metal box and I dig through every time I need a new one.  And the needles that I am using, I never have any memory of what size they are, so hopefully this will help,

 There are several pages and sections to sort your various hand and machine needles, and a two plastic pockets to hold various items.

And, I really did need some pincushions, so I made a little wool pincushion, and I even tried a little embroidery on it.  Not something to brag about, but I do like it.

I enjoyed making these projects, maybe it was their usefulness, or just making a project that I could start and finish in a reasonable time was rewarding. 

Thanks for joining me, I appreciate your company.



  1. Very nice projects...I'm sure they will get lots of use! I find it very hard to actually start projects like that so I did a class last month to make the Mini professional tote. I loved the outcome...probably never would have done it without the class to spur me on.

  2. Making quick projects is really nice when you usually make things that take soooooooo much longer. I love your little pin cushion.

  3. That needle case is just the ticket, how handy is that! Love how you embroidered the lettering. It is nice to do a start/finish fast project, especially with a DJ in the works. Someone is going to love the gear bag and your hand embroidery on the pin cushion is wonderful! Fun projects

  4. The bionic bag is amazing! It was quite a hit at my quilting retreat. I love how many items it holds--it's really useful. Thank you for the wonderful gift!

  5. I love your version of the BGB. I may have to take another crack at it. My front tray is not quite right - yours looks like you've got it nailed.


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