Sunday, September 28, 2014

Before and After

This was a quicker than I thought project that made a huge difference.

I have this great comfy glider that I love, but the denim type upholstery was really dingy and I thought how fun it would be if I recovered it.  I was hesitant for a long time thinking it would be more difficult than it was, but when I finally decided to tackle it, no problems.  I took the back, seat, and each arm pad, and used them to trace a pattern.  Basically it was like making a tight fitting pillow case.

My biggest concern was how to tackle the industrial snaps that were on the arm cushions, and on the wooden arms of the glider.  Ah ha, I just cut out a button hole, or really a "snap hole", and pushed the original snap through the new cover and snapped them onto the chair frame.  Easy.

Thanks for reading,



  1. That am looks fantastic! You were very brave to tackle that job! I have always been too chicken to try that.

  2. Beautiful upgrade. I love the paisley.

  3. Great fabric choice. But I have to say that your idea for the snaps was scathingly brilliant! :)

  4. Wow! It turned out great! It looks so modern, you up this vintage chair in a really good way! Congrats!