Sunday, March 8, 2015

Two babies, two quilts

Hello, hello.

Here they are as decorations for a baby shower, along with cake pops, and other yummies.
This shower was especially fun because it was for my two girls, Stefanie and Emily who are both expecting their third baby next month.

  I stitched the backing pieces together and loaded it as one piece, and then added the tops like normal, just side by side.

Here are some close ups of the quilting

We also decorated onsies at the shower.  I had prepped assorted fabric with wonder under, and the guests were so clever and creative.

I am feeling very blessed.

And for those of you who want to read more, here is the poem I wrote as the invitation to the shower,  Enjoy.

It's time to party, let's all share the joy
The birth of two babies, one girl and one boy.

Stefanie and Emily their tummies are growing,
Pregnant together, their faces are glowing.

With two children already, now baby makes three
How can we help them?  What do they need?

Blankets and rattles, sleepers and jammies,
Carseats and teethers, highchairs and lambies.

These treasures they have from showers before.
What could they use, do they really need more?

But how can we help them, to ease the transition,
From two babies to three, that is our mission.

Though babies are tiny, they can be most demanding
Sometimes a new mother can fall asleep standing.

But, Holly and Ethan, Micah and Zeb
Joey and Chad all need to be fed.

So this is our plan, what we want to do
A change from the usual, let's do something new.

Prepare food for their families, their freezers let's fill
With yummy and tasty ready made meals.

Crockpot dinners are convenient and fun,
Pour it all in the cooker, and dinner is done.

Disposable pans are always a winner,
No dishes to wash after eating their dinner.

So make just one meal, no need for a pair,
The girls can decide which meal will go where.

Please join the fun, please save the date,
We will all come together on Sunday March 8th.

Angie's house is the place, three O'clock is the hour
We will celebrate babies at a Freezer Meal Shower!


  1. The quilts are simply adorable and I'm thinking that I'm going to have to at some point make on e for my hedgehog loving daughter. The shower theme idea was just brilliant and I'm sure they are very appreciative.

  2. Love those quilts and your daughters are just glowing. Wonderful poem invitation and a fantastic idea with the meals.

  3. LOVE!!! The hedge hogs, sew cute! Great idea to load together. The girls, the freezer meal shower, what a great idea and the invitation poem! So darn creative!

  4. Pinterest brought me here because of your beautiful quilting. This shower looks like so much fun, admire your creativity and energy!

  5. Oh my gosh, the cutest ever!! Love the quilts, the poem invitation, the freezer meal idea. All so fantastic!

  6. Oh my goodness this is awesome! I love d the poem and find this to be a GREAT IDEA! thanks for sharing!