Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Micah

Today is my granddaughter Micah's first birthday.  First birthday's are such a milestone.  An entire year, so many changes, growth, amazement.  You all know what I'm talking about.  I love celebrating special occasions, and as Micah grows I hope I am part of making her birthdays, and other events memorable.

To celebrate this first, Micah's dad requested a chicken cake, so  I made her a hen cake with several mini cupcake chicks.

"fake-cake" pop
Since it was her birthday, I wanted to let her, and her parents have the fun of a babies first birthday cake eating experience, but Micah's parents do not feed her sugar, so we had a bit of a hurdle.  I came up with the "fake-cake pop"  This was made the same way you would make a real cake pop, or cake ball, with just a few changes.  I used a piece of whole wheat bread, pulsed it in my Magic Bullet until it was just crumbs, mixed in a little butter, and then pressed it with my hands to make a ball.  It looked more like a meatball than a squashed piece of bread, but after I covered it with colored cream cheese "frosting" it looked  like the real deal, and Micah loved it.
She seems to be questioning the ingredients in her "fake-cake" pop
Happy Birthday Micah.  Your Meme loves you!

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