Monday, March 26, 2012

Sewing, but not quilting

First off I want to thank all of you who follow Jenny's blog, and came to check out my blog.  Your comments and encouragement mean so much to me, and I thank you all.   Quilting is on the top of my passions list, but I also love sewing, especially for my grand babies.  Today I made two little back packs for my granddaughters.
Micah's Chicken Backpack
The first one is for Micah, because she does love her chickens  I had some yellow nylon, I don't even know if you would call it fabric, but I had it, and it worked well for this project.  The beak is felt, the eye and cheek are ultra suede.  I did a satin stitch for the legs.
Holly's Bunny Backpack

For Holly's backpack, I made a bunny out of some faux suede that I bought on clearance and had in my stash.  I used ultra suede for the nose and eye.

This pattern is Kwik Sew 3687.  The pattern shows three variations, an owl, chicken and an elephant.  I made up the bunny, and I think you could make almost anything you wanted.  

I am patting myself on the back with this project because, first, I got them done, and second because I didn't buy anything new to make them.  I am really trying to use what I have, and not just keep adding to my collection.  Recently, I went through all my fabric, stashes, hidden bundles, kits and pre-cuts, and folded, sorted, labeled, and was able to get a good grasp of how much fabric I have.  I have a lot of fabric.  I know there are many others with collections much larger than mine, and that is alright with me, if it is alright with you.  I am just looking at what I have, and what I intend to do with all I have, and hope someday to use it all.  Hahaha, quit laughing at me, it is a good goal.  I know there are bolts of fabric in my future, but for today, I did well and used what I had.  Go me.

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