Friday, March 16, 2012

Rainy day, quilting day

We are finally getting much needed rain, now that it is almost spring.  I usually don't mind the rain, sometimes even like it, especially if what I really want to do, and need to do is stay inside and quilt.  Rainy days and quilting are a good combination.

I am working on the yellow and grey quilt, and am enjoying the process of quilting this one.  Good thing I am enjoying it, because I am doing a lot of detail quilting on this one.  As each hour passes, and I am still on the same row, I sometimes ask myself why?  Why, why, why, would I choose to do so much quilting on what was suppose to be a quick project to start the re-vamping of my sewing room?  This quilt with it's yellow and grey colors, along with a yellow striped window treatment, and a closet door curtain hopefully will refresh my sewing room.  Anyway, back to why I am doing so much quilting on this quilt.  Because I can.  I love it, I love heavy quilting, and I don't often get to do that much work on customers quilts.  I want to challenge myself with new techniques, try quilting styles I haven't done much before.

I love putting in the ear pieces of my I-pod, turning on my audio book, and guiding my machine through the lines, loops, circles and curves of quilting.  It is sometimes hypnotic.  That is where I am with this quilt.  Still loving the process, and the results that I can see, and looking forward to the end result.

So, let it rain, and let me stitch.  I hope you all are enjoying whatever weather you have today, and are doing something you love.


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