Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hoppity Hop

I made these cute little bunny rabbit Easter baskets this week for my three grand babies.  I had made similar baskets for my children, but of course I no longer have the pattern.  I am not really good without patterns, it is just difficult for me to figure out all the shapes and sizes on my own.  I totally admire those of you that can see something, and then recreate it.  Not me.  I was able to deconstruct the original basket, and make a new pattern.  Of course the whole process, taking apart the original, making a new pattern and sewing three baskets, all took longer than I think it should have, or else I am just slow, or both, but it seemed like I worked on these for a long time.  It will be so fun watching the little ones hunt for eggs tomorrow with their new baskets.

Wishing you all a blessed Easter.  He is risen!


  1. Oh they are just so cute!!! now everybody will want you to do a tutorial!
    I have spent so much time on the net trying to find a pattern like this!