Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Just a little bit of quilting

Hello, and happy Wednesday.  I do not have much to show for quilting, just one quilt for our guilds community service.  I did not piece this, and I don't know who did.  Our quilt guild members make quilts for various community needs.  There are those members who piece the beautiful tops, other members like me who will do the quilting, and then those members (bless them) who will do the binding.
I have had a great week so far, just busy with other life things besides quilting.  My brother brought his dog to my house to stay for three weeks while he, (my brother) is on vacation.  Our house already has five dogs in residence, so one more nice tempered and well behaved dog is a welcome addition.  Percy (the dog)  is a corgi, and maybe I will get some photos of him during his visit here.

Besides visiting with my brother for a few days, I also had to go today to the oral surgeon.  Just saying those words is scary, at least to me, a dentist phobic for no good reasons, I just am.  Anyway, I went today for a consultation for an implant that is long over due.  The doctor, or should I say, oral surgeon was as nice as could be, and while I am not looking forward to the procedure in a few weeks, at least the doctor and staff were really nice.

I do have a quilt on the frame currently, but there are three little Easter baskets that are needing to be finished this week, and cake and dinner making for my daughter's birthday.  I love it all, so this commentary is in no way a complaint, just ramblings from me to you.

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