Saturday, April 21, 2012

This is my longarm

Please meet AnaSofia, my longarm.  I have had some inquiries about my machine so I will try to cover that topic now.  I bought an Innova in June of 2010, and I love it.  I have a stitch regulator, and I use it most of the time.  My machine has a 26" head on a 12' frame.  I can operate my machine from the front or back, and can do pantographs.  I do not have the automated computer guided extras, but do all the guiding of the machine myself.

There are several great choices of machines, and my suggestion to anyone looking to buy one is to go to a large quilt show, and try them all out.  Find the one that works best for you,  then figure in the price, what you can afford, dealer support (which I think is very important) and any classes or training that is offered.  My other suggestion is to buy as good and as large a machine as you can afford.

Now I will tell you the story of my longarm purchase.  Once I decided I needed wanted a longarm, I started saving my money, and researching machines.   I decided on the Innova because it just felt right to me, and I felt a good connection with the dealer and the price was near my budget.  I had to continue to save and wait, but for me that was the best way to go.  I hate finance charges, and I also did not want the pressure of having to start making money with my longarm right away.  Yes, I did buy it with the intent of making it into a business, but having the pressure of a monthly payment on my machine, especially early on was more than I wanted.  There is a large learning curve for operating a longarm, and it takes awhile to establish a customer base.

I also purchased my longarm for my own enjoyment, and if I always had the pressure of making money for the loan or finance fees, it would take the enjoyment out of my sewing.  For me it is a matter of balance and I am often out of balance, but ideally, I have enough quilting to make some money, enough time to spend with my family, and time to do sewing other than quilting.  It is a constant adjustment in scheduling and priorities, but for the most part it works well for me.

I hope I answered some questions, and if you have more please ask.  Thanks for reading, I appreciate it.



  1. Awesome! At one time I was thinking of getting a 2nd machine, and this is what I would have got!! Nice to know what you have and why, thanks!

  2. I got the Bernina 820 and the Grace Co quilting frame to go with it( I have an 8 inch stitch area and I am very disappointed....

  3. Did you have a quilting machine before the Innova? I was wondering if you noticed a difference between the two.