Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Glad, sad, and glad

Well, camping was wonderful.  We had a great time. The weather was ideal, cool, but not foggy or wet.   No shortage of awesome camping food, campfires, and the kind of relaxation that makes you tired and glad to come home.  I think my favorite two things were watching my dogs run and run and run on the beach.  I have a Vizsla, and he is absolutely beautiful to watch run, and run he did. He and I were both very happy.

My other favorite weekend activity was a hike we took through the Lady Bird Johnson Redwood Sanctuary.  It was unbelievable, beautiful, humbling, thought provoking, and so much more. Walking through huge trees that are hundreds of years old was so cool.   That made me glad.  I was sad though when the camera battery went out on day one.  Please use your imaginations and visualize wonderful camping memories.

I am very glad to be home.  I love coming home. And I came home to fabric that made me very glad.
This is the Silk Radiance that will be the backing for the tie quilt.  Very excited to start quilting this.

Catching up on news from blog land and Facebook, I read two things that made me very sad.  From my Facebook friends, and the dog community I am proud to be involved with, I found out that a fellow agility friend and her dogs were in a terrible automobile accident in AZ.  Two of her dogs were killed, and one was missing in the AZ desert.  The missing dog was found and we are all so grateful for that news, but still incredibly saddened for the loss of her other dogs  Another friend just posted that her dog Rally, who was a semi-finalist in Canada's Got Talent, was just diagnosed with a brain tumor. I know these people and their dogs, and I am grieving with them.  I apologize for all this sad dog news, but dogs and their owners are a huge part of my life beyond quilting, and I just had to give them some notice.

And on the quilting side of things, I was sad to read the latest Green Fairy post that her book deal was canceled.  I was SO looking forward to this book, and I can only imagine Judi's frustration and sorrow.

Enough of the downer post especially after a great and happy weekend.  I am off to load the tie quilt, and that makes me very happy.

Thanks for sharing my ups and down, I appreciate it.


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  1. So glad you had a good time! Camping with family is always fun, and the beach is such a great getaway.

    I've been in tears off and on the past 24 hours ....Elicia's loss is a heartbreak for all of us. But the outpouring of love and support from the dog community has been amazing. I am so sorry for your friend with Rally, that is devastating news.

    The blue of your silk radiance is gorgeous, and I can't wait to see what the quilting will be.

    Life can be sad, but it's so good to also have the things that make us glad! Happy quilting! And hugs to the dog pack!