Saturday, June 30, 2012

A surprise for my brother

Yes, it's the tie quilt again, except this is a second tie quilt.  I made this one as a surprise for my brother, and he was blown away.  He didn't know how much he wanted his own until he saw the one he had me make for Joanie.   He was thrilled when I surprised him with his own quilt made from David's ties.

I quilted this one differently, a bit more quilting and I am really happy with the texture it gives the quilt.

The back is stunning.  (can you see where I missed the continuous  curves on one square?  I had to re-load the quilt and finish that block)

So, I do think this is the last post on the tie quilts.  I loved the challenge, and the results of this project, and I think I made my brother very happy.

Now, I am looking at my next quilt.  A customer brought me a bag of  T-shirts.  Yep, I am making a quilt out of them.

Thank you for following the tie quilts journey with me, I appreciate it.



  1. I love the tie quilts you have done. I was looking at the quilting in one of the other posts and thought you had done different quilting but now I understand it is two tie quilts. I think it was great you made one for your brother.

  2. You're a wonderful sister! Your brother is lucky to have you.

  3. Wow! You are so talented and such a great sister to make a quilt for your brother also!! What a wonderful gift!!

    Ps. I am so impressed with your quilting and I especially love your yellow and gray quilt!! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. What a lovely tribute -- I can't think of a better to way for Dan and Joanie to have a memory of David.
    The quilting is wonderful and I do prefer the more heavily quilted version. What touching gifts you've made!