Friday, July 27, 2012

Ruffles on onsies

I have a young friend who is expecting her first baby in October. She asked me to teach her to make onsies with ruffles on the bum for her baby girl.  So, that is what we did today.  Angie was a natural who just didn't know she could sew.  After some hands on help with the first one, she had it figured out, and did the second one on her own.

It was so much fun for me to share what I know and do with her, and share her excitement and that good feeling you get when you create something special.  Now she has the skills she needs to make more, and I think there are some onsie dresses in her (our) future.

So here is Angie and the ruffled onsies she made for her baby Sophie.  It was good.

I am typing this while watching the opening ceremonies for the Olympics.  I love the Olympics, and this is the first time that I have a DVR.  I am so excited about this.  I can record and watch without worry of missing something.  I'm very happy about this.

Enjoy the Olympics, and all that this weekend brings you.  I appreciate you reading.



  1. Those ruffle butts are so cute, they make me want to have another baby!

  2. Thank you so much Esther! It was a blast and I LOVE our finished products! It was even more special sharing it with you! :)