Sunday, November 4, 2012

Celtic Knot pieced

The top of the Celtic Knot is pieced.  There are 2,025 two inch squares in this quilt.  I was able to do quite a bit of it by strip piecing, and that made things much easier.  I had a few mis-sews, but all in all it went smoothly, and my seams (there were thousands of them) matched up well.  And, I did about half of the piecing on my treadle machine.  I am finally getting the feel of that one, and enjoying sewing on it.   Here are some more pictures of the quilt.

I am looking forward to quilting this one.  It is for my son and daughter in law, maybe I will get it finished for Christmas.  My son picked the fabrics out a year, maybe two years ago.  I have totally enjoyed piecing this quilt, and I am glad I am working through my UFO bins.  

Thanks for looking, I appreciate it,


  1. Thatis fantastic! Talk about a labour of love. I do so like classic patterns like this.



  2. It's beautiful! I so love the interlocking design. I know you have so much fun quilting this, I look forward to seeing what you do!

  3. Wow! It's looking wonderful! And sew complicated.

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  5. So love this! I like the colours you have chosen. The one i am working on (still in the block stage) is scrappy dark and and scrappy lights. Inspired to get it finished after seeing yours. Will be waiting to see how you quilt it!

  6. Wow, Esther, that is a gorgeous quilt! Great job!

  7. Esther - this piece is amazing! It turned out really awesome!

  8. I'm thinking of quilting this for a friend that is soon to be married... I'm curious, how large was your finished quilt?