Monday, December 31, 2012

It was a very good year

A quick post to comment on the past year, get myself grounded for the coming year, and to say Happy New Year to all who read my posts.  This Christmas season has been full and rewarding for me, not a lot to post about, not a lot of quilting, but many, many memories and happy days in my December.

I do love new beginnings, and I do love setting goals, or priorities, or call them resolutions if you must.  I like to aim higher than I am now, but realistically too.  As for last years priorities, I did alright.  Many of them are works in process, but I am proud of myself that I followed through with some major dental work this year.  Really, it was not much of a big deal except for the financial aspect of it all, but anything that involves me and a dentist is a big deal.  So, that is a feather in my resolution cap.

Tonight we will celebrate the old year, welcome in the new with our second annual New Year's Eve Bonfire and BBQ.  Last year my son and his wife had a piece of property, a lot of plans and a huge brush pile.  That was the beginning of our New Year's Eve tradition.  Now they have a home, a new baby, and many more reason to celebrate the future.

Thank you to all who read and follow this post.  It means a lot to me.  I appreciate you all.



  1. Hi, Congratulations on such a successful year. Well done you. I am sure this year will be even better.

    Best Wishes from Down Under