Saturday, January 5, 2013

Fast and fun

After working on the Celtic Knot, I needed something fast and fun.  This little butterfly panel was just what I needed.

I read about other quilters who don't know what to quilt, so they just start quilting.  What???  That is so not me.  I want a plan, a guide, and rules.  That is a problem for me many times.  I need to learn to relax with my quilting, trust myself and my ideas.  So, that is what I did with this little panel.  I had no plan.  I just started, and my other goal was to use one thread color, and minimize my starts and stops.  I had so much fun.  So, if you see a cute panel, and wand a no rules quilting experience, I say go for it.

I followed the print on the panel as my main guide, and just let it go from there.  There are a few areas that I am not totally pleased with, but overall it is just what I needed and by relaxing with this little panel, I learned a lot.  I love machine quilting all the time, but when I can relax and not worry about every stitch I have much more fun.  Thanks for reading, and have fun with whatever you are working on.



  1. It think it's perfectly wonderful! You make it look sew easy!

  2. What a fun idea and what an adorable outcome! I have a few panels I really want to try this out with =D

  3. It's so much fun to do something like this. Great way to increase skills to.
    I love it, very pretty

  4. I, too, have a hard time just letting go and quilting without a 'plan.' This is really really cute and I love the way you quilted it! Adorable panel. I have never purchased or quilted a panel.