Monday, January 14, 2013

Jane Progress

I had some time this weekend, and used it to work on some Jane Blocks.  
Tricky little octagon shapes and tiny triangles.

Lots of applique with these little melons.

And one more.

I am off to Jury Duty today. sigh, I know it is my civic duty but honestly, I don't want to go.  I do have some applique work to take with me, so if there is much waiting around I will be entertained.

Thanks for reading  and happy Monday,  



  1. These are going to look wonderful together! Quite an impacted!
    Last week my son had jury duty. I went with him to show him the ropes and it's a good thing you'll have hand work, because you'll be busy hurrying up just to wait around!

  2. I'm having a little jury envy here. I have only been called once, and I couldn't attend. I guess it's probably not as glamorous as TV shows would have us believe!

  3. Beautiful little Janes!
    Congratulations on finishing a few more!

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  5. More beautiful blocks! I'm sorry you had JD but the one time I was actually involved in a trial it was very interesting... But sitting around waiting is very much a bore.