Monday, January 7, 2013

Resolution Jane

One of my quilting resolutions for this year is to get back to work on my Dear Jane quilt.  It is not realistic to think I will finish it this year, but I want to continue to work on it week by week throughout this year, and be oh so much closer to finishing it.

At this time I have the first three rows finished, and a handful of other blocks made.  I would like to set my goal of doing two blocks a week, and accepting that I may have to be flexible in that.  These blocks are so much fun to make, but most of them I find very difficult and time consuming.  Each one is it's own little victory for me, an art project of it's own.   I am using mostly K. Fasset fabrics, which is a joy in itself.  Here are some pictures of my quilt so far.

These blocks finish at four inches, so we are talking small and detailed.  Many are paper pieced, and many are appliqued.  I have had a lot of help from other Jane creators and their wonderful tutorials on their blogs.  I would have struggled to figured out many of these blocks without Aninas blog or Aunt Reen's blog.  These two gals give clear instruction and tips for each block.  Sometimes I "do my own thing" with a block, but I always look to these blogs for guidance first.

Since this is one of my quilting resolutions,and I put it out here in blog land,  hopefully I will be accountable to all of you, and I will be showing my progress in photos throughout the year.  Thanks for reading, I appreciate you all so much.



  1. must! These look so fantastic!

  2. The blocks are beautiful, & I love the modern colors. Keep the photos coming!

  3. I kept a log when I was doing my Jane (double sided no less) it took me 8 hours to make the center block, papas something I think it was called.

    Doing that quilt increased my skills seven fold.
    Best wishes on the journey
    Sharyn in Kalama