Sunday, March 3, 2013

My obsession/addiction    I know you quilters out there have heard of, but I also know that I have several non blog or quilt related friends that read this and I want to share my total recommendation for this clever site.  I have enrolled in several classes, quilting, jean making, and even one on planting in containers.  Several of the classes are free, and there are often sales on featured classes.  Either way, it is a great deal.

Once enrolled in a class, you can watch it whenever you want, as often as you want and your enrollment never expires.  While there are multiple quilting classes which is what lured me in at first, there are so many other classes for knitters, beading, baking, and more.

Why this endorsement for this web site?  No reason except I like it, and if you are not familiar with it, you may like it also.

I want to make a pair of jeans using the instructions in "Jean-ius", and I also want to make some children's clothes, and decorate fabric with "Stupendous Stitching"  and hopefully have success with an herb garden this summer.  All this just gets added on to my already long list of to do's and want to do's. but that is alright with me.

So, there you have it, my endorsement for .  I hope you find a class you enjoy,and if you do. let me know.

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  1. Yes, Craftsy is awesome! The classes are wonderful, but they also have great sales on fabric and yarn -- fat quarter specials are my temptation!

  2. I am also a Craftsy addict. What are your favorite classes so far?