Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Next Thursday is March 14, or as my family fondly refers to it as Pi Day.  This year we planned ahead and have our Pi Shirts ready to go well ahead of time.  You cannot see it well in the photos, but the fabric in the applique is all numbers, so it fits the theme perfectly.  With the clothing out of the way, now we all can focus on pie preparations next week.

This has become one of our favorite holidays and traditions.  How about you and your family, do you all celebrate Pi Day, or maybe you are a May 4 person?  You know,  May the fourth be with you.  While that one is not my thing, I think it is funny none the less.

Thanks for reading, I appreciate your company



  1. Esther, we have never celebrated Pi day... Math was my absolute least favorite subject, and I doubt I learned a thing in Algebra. Ironically, I am listening to "The Life of Pi" right now, and your picture caught my eye while perusing new blog roll posts -- my daughter is an alum of Alpha Delta Pi sorority, and I made her a t-shirt quilt - many ADP t-shirts went into it!

    I guess if I really want to look like a math nerd person, I should celebrate it and impress my friends, huh? :) :) :)