Saturday, June 29, 2013

Antique Quilt Progress

I am making progress on the Antique DWR quilt.  This one is definitely a challenge, but I have a system of sorts that is working well.  There is quite a lot of variation in sizes in the partially finished blocks.

Here are two completed pieces and I don't know if you can see the variation in the sizes, but the top one is considerably longer than the lower one.

To make these arcs a consistent size, I used my template, and drew the shape on my pressing board.

I am now able to fit the arcs to the correct shape.

There is usually extra fullness on the outer curve of these blocks, and I ease this in and fit the block to the correct size.  This easing in of the fullness is what the original maker did with these blocks. Then to keep the shape, and also to stabilize the block I fuse featherweight interfacing to the wrong side.

Some of the blocks have a bit of extra length so for those I trim the ends to make them fit.

And some of the blocks just don't want to fit at all.

There are a few extra blocks, so for now I will just set these too small blocks aside, and if I do need them I will add to them to make them fit.

Here is my progress so far!  I am pleased, and even with the adjustments I am making, I believe I am keeping the integrity of the original design and workmanship.  A few more rows to complete, and then on to quilting this treasure. 



  1. It's looking amazing! But I shudder every time I think about DWRs quilt. I have made a promise to myself to never do another! Two was enough!
    So I feel for you every time you post yours. I know the pain and frustration. On the flip side, I do love the pattern and this quilt is stunning!

  2. Love seeing the challenging things others are working on. (My first visit here, not my last!) I looked back through your posts and was really struck by the quilting on your Storm at Sea. I finished the top awhile back on one that someone else had started, and oh, what a challenge that was! I have yet to consider how to quilt it as there is no long-arm here and I have yet to become proficient at free-motion quilting.

  3. Esther, that looks like it is come along really well. I think you system is very smart. Can't wait to see its progress.

  4. That really will be a treasure!! I dream of making one of these. I had a whole lot pieces cut out once - that was back before rotary cutters!!! I think I would search hard for a modern technique if I started one again.

    My innova leaves the factory about 8th July. I'm so excited!


  5. Very clever solution to the size problem - your sewing experience is quite an asset in working on this quilt. I can't wait to see how you quilt it!

  6. Quite the progress indeed! You are making this DWR sparkle! Your talent and experience show on this project. Looking forward to further progress including the quilting :0)

  7. Love the template idea. Have you ever considered selling your template patterns? I would love to buy them.

  8. It's hard to take someone else work and make it correct n not go a little crazy doing so.Its looking beautifully done to me. I took a double wedding ring quilt and I made all the rings smaller so it made more rings and it went together better I was proud of what I accomplished by just recutting and sewing made a nice little wedding ring throw or a tablecloth but it does take thought and a lot of perseverance to get it done