Saturday, January 4, 2014

A bit of quilting

Here are a few, and by that I mean three photos of a quilt that I finished for my friend Debi.   This is an unusual quilt that to me looks like stained glass.  Each of the black strips is actually a flange of fabric.  Because of this I did SID on each block.  

You can also see that I did swirls in the sashing, and for the border,

I stitched two sets of arcs.  This reminded me of church windows so I thought it complimented the stained glass look of the center of the quilt.  I love the shapes made by the stitching lines, and would love to do this again and quilt inside some of those shapes.  For this border I kept it light and simple.

And because I have only three photos of this quilt here is the last shot of this one.  I do apologize that there is not a shot of the whole quilt.  I am going back to using my camera for blog shots instead of always grabbing my phone for its convince. 

And for the end of this post I want to write some of my goals for 2014.  I think new starts are always a good thing, even if the "new" start is finishing something from another list.

So starting there, I want to use what I have already purchased.  This includes finishing my UFO's, using the fabric I have, even if I don't use it for the original purpose.  Just use what I have is my plan for this year.

Last year I made this post about working on my Dear Jane quilt.  Well, that post was a resolution fail.  So, again, and with more dedication I want to focus on this quilt this year.

I also want to learn to free motion quilt on my domestic machine.  I know I am a longarmer, and that will be my first choice, but I do want to learn this skill on my domestic.  So, I am doing the 
Building Blocks quilt a long, hosted by Leah Day.  

And, for some spontaneous reason I signed up for a block of the month project  from the Fat Quarter Shop.

These are my fabric and quilting related goals for this next year.  Some of my personal goals are the typical eat healthier, exercise regularly, and clean out some of my closets!

I will keep you posted on progress and most likely distractions along the way.  Thanks for joining me, I appreciate your company on my journeys,



  1. Great post, love the spontaneous reason! Looking forward to a new year, new techniques and following what you are up to on your journey. Wonderful choices on Debi's quilt. Your quilting choices and designs are always so well thought out. Love it!

  2. Those are great goals. I'm going to copy a few of those myself. We will see how long I last specially when I just sign on to do a new project and I need 10 yards of background fabric, lol.
    Good luck on your goals!

  3. Love the arcs! Which ruler did you use for those? Great idea!

  4. Beautiful quilt, and that BOM looks interesting. I don't thinkmive seen you do many projects like that and I am looking forward to seeing them!

  5. An amazing quilt! Great quilting. Goes really well with the quilt. That is always my challenge, to decide what to quilt. Happy New year, Esther!

  6. how did you join the flange to each fabric? The method you used would make a great post.