Sunday, January 19, 2014

Resolution Recap so far

Well, working on my Dear Jane is one of my top resolutions for this year.  I love working on the crazy little,(4 inch) tiny pieced, intricate and ridiculously difficult blocks.  With every finish I feel a small victory.  Some are really not that difficult, but overall they are challenging.  Here are a few that I conquered so far this month.

And another goal was to learn FMQ on my domestic machine, following along with Leah Day's  building blocks and FMQ tips and ideas.  I am not giving up on this even though it is difficult for me.  My skills are much more refined on my longarm.  So, here are my blocks for this month, in all their wobbly glory.

And yes I have been quilting, and should have a quilt finished this week.   Thanks for reading, I appreciate your company.



  1. those dear Jane blocks are really something!

  2. Your DJ blocks are beautiful, love your fabric choices and how you lined up the print in the first block. Have fun with FMQing, what domestic are you using? Looking forward to seeing your gorgeous quilting!

  3. Love your modern take on DJ blocks I feel like I know every block personally after quilting a DJ. I look forward to see the finished quilt.



  4. You are so brave to tackle those tiny blocks! I can't wait to see this quilt completed because I know it will be another quilt show winner!

  5. Love the colors on the DJ blocks! It's going to be so amazing!