Friday, January 10, 2014

A table runner, and How to Plan a Camping Trip

First off, this beautiful table runner that I quilted during December for Sue.

Here is the untrimmed runner so you can appreciate the design and applique.

And again I apologize for the camera photos.  I quilted teardrop swirls around the applique, and continuous curves and swirls in the center blocks.

And now for a helpful tip if you have ever wanted to plan a group camping trip.  We are campers, but this idea would work if you are more resort oriented, or any other "vacationing" ideas you prefer.

Have you and your family and or friends ever talked about a group vacation?  "We should all go camping together"  "Let's do it this summer" "Oh that sounds fun, let's plan on that"  and then somehow it never happens. Summer comes and gets filled up, and the talked about get together never happens.  Well, thanks to my daughter, here is her way of changing that.  
First of all pick a date.  Someone has to take charge, so it might as well be you (or my daughter).  Pick a date. I suggest early in the summer, like the first weekend the kids are all out of school.  Then pick a place, and send out the info with a link to reservations to all you want to join you.  My daughter used her FB page.  She had a link to the campground, told which loop to ask for, and the dates.  The beauty of this plan is that it works!  Everyone that wants to come can, and they make their own reservations and plans, but they are still part of the group.
Every year our group grows and changes, but we all know that the first weekend of summer is our annual camping trip and it is then put early into the busy summer schedules.
Well there it is, let me know if this seems like a plan that will work for you.