Thursday, April 19, 2012


Bummer!  Can you see what I did wrong?   The points are suppose to be going towards the outside of the border, and I have this one going towards the center of the quilt.  Thankfully I noticed before I did too much of it, and was able to pick it out without problems.  Just a setback in time.  Bummer!
This is something fun I made for my grandson Ethan.  Fusible applique, with a zig-zag outline.  It makes me smile.

I am listening to the peep peep of baby chickens here in my living room.  Sooo cute.  Hopefully our broody hens will adopt them tonight.  I will give you all the updates and details, and pictures tomorrow.

Thanks for visiting, I appreciate it.  Esther


  1. urgh...!! I had that! I had a bit of picking out to do myself yesterday! Looking really good though!

  2. Darling T-shirt! Just perfect for your little man!