Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What to post?

Hello, and welcome to my post about nothing.  If I was Seinfeld, I'd have a hit on my hands.  Anyway, just checking in, but I do not have much quilting related items to post about.  My time has been well spent, family, Easter, birthdays, grand babies, and a nice cup of coffee with a friend.  All good, but not much to do with quilting.  The quilt I started a week ago is still on the rails, still needing to be quilted along with the others after that.  Having this blog, has been an interesting way for me to see when and how and why I quilt and sew.  There is the "pressure" of being productive, posting achievements and finishing projects, but that didn't happen this week, and that is okay, because my time was still well spent.   So, now I am off to quilt, looking forward to being productive and creative, and wishing you all the same.

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  1. Hi Esther, you wrote "There is the "pressure" of being productive" please dont feel like you have to be productive just because you have a blog. Feeling that you have to do something takes away the fun. Just enjoy what it is that you are doing and when your ready to share something, wether it be a WIP or a completed item, we will all be here to admire your progress :o) Have a great week xx