Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Baby Holly's Quilt

This cute little quilt is for my granddaughter Holly.  It was so much fun to work on.  I made this before Holly was born, but that was before I had a blog to share my quilts on. 

 I love the simple lines in the border, to off set the feather swirls.

Alternating hearts and flowers finish off the center panel.

I have been spending all my quilting/sewing time working on the tie quilt, hoping to finish all blocks soon.  It totally has taken over my sewing room, especially my cutting table, with all the pieces spread out in an organized chaotic way.  I just want to keep working on it until I reach a better stopping point.  Then I can 
clean up the explosion it seemed to make, and move on to other projects.

Thanks for visiting, I appreciate it.


  1. What a darling quilt! I'm sure your little granddaughter will love this!

  2. Wow! The quilting looks like turpunto. Absolutely beautiful!

  3. Darling! Love your feather's with the swirl!!

  4. Your quilting is so beautiful. I aspire to be like you one day!